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Free Speech Isn’t Free
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The First 100

As President Trump is slowly beginning to figure out, being the President is not easy, especially in a country built on the Rule of Law, with all its checks and balances, and on Freedom of Speech, which means the criticisms will never end.

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Free Speech Isn’t Free

It seems Free Speech isn’t free when you’re Barack Obama. Reports have surfaced claiming the former President is due to cash in on a $400,000 check for a private speaking engagement at a conference run by Cantor Fitzgerald LP. To put the fee in perspective, Fox Business recently reported that the average speaker fee of Hillary Clinton is $200,000, making Obama’s at least double that mark.

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Democracy in the Unlikeliest of Places

Granted in Freedom of Speech and dictated by the Rule of Law, this referendum was, for the most part, legitimate. Whether voter fraud claims made by the opposition are true remains to be seen. But the process – casting a public vote for the country’s future – was a democratic process few can argue with.

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