American INSIGHT’S Balance of Arts and STEM Interns

American INSIGHT’S Balance of Arts and STEM Interns.

Growing up, I was always inclined towards the literary and visual arts. I truly enjoyed reading, writing, critical thinking, learning new languages, and painting and drawing. These subjects had always struck a chord with me, and I was naturally good at them. And it was because of this that, during my freshman year in college, I believed I was going to go on to be an International Relations or English major. However, for the sake of eliminating distribution requirement classes as early as possible, I took freshman year biology on a whim, and it was from that point on that my future changed drastically.

American INSIGHT’S Balance of Arts and STEM Interns.  I had a collection of the most wonderful, intelligent, and exceptionally interested teachers that all collectively taught a biology 101 class at Trinity College. They each specialized in their own subject of biology including neurology, ecology, and zoology. It was the most fascinating class I had ever taken in my academic life; in part because of its difficulty. Bio 101 classes, like many 101’s, are often designed to weed out unequipped students from the field. Keeping that mentality in mind, I worked even harder to prove to my more right-sided mind that I could do the work and even succeed.

Next thing I knew, I was taking only STEM classes and steaming directly towards a career in medicine. I had even transferred to Tufts University, leaving behind great friends and teachers for the sake of a better chance at getting into a prestigious medical school.

American INSIGHT’S Balance of Arts and STEM Interns.  I am happy with the academic and career choices that I have made, however, there is still a part of me that yearns to utilize my more creative side. When I transferred to Tufts, it felt like I had given up on all of the parts of myself that felt the most genuine: the poet, the painter, the writer, the drawer, the Russophile, the traveler etc.

However, American INSIGHT’s internship program has helped me reconnect with that part of myself. More than I could have ever anticipated! When I was introduced to the CEO of American INSIGHT at the beginning of my internship, I was delighted to find that she shared my passion for Russian poetry and culture. By the end of my first meeting, she had made it clear me to me that she was going to try her best to make my internship exactly what I wanted it to be. Although my responsibilities would revolve around tracking analytics, I was also given the opportunity to explore my creative side by designing content, researching historical figures, and watching and writing about short films. As someone who is constantly tripping over themselves for the next biology research experience, or a hospital shadowing internship, it is a privilege to be given the opportunity to step away from the STEM world and do something I love equally. I have learned so much already and I am grateful to American INSIGHT for this experience.

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India Cabot, a 2020 American INSIGHT Intern, is a student at Tufts University

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