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Canada to Criminalize Islamophobia

M-103, also known as the “Islamophobia blasphemy law,” is the first and only Canadian law that would treat Islamophobia as a punishable hate crime. Concerned Canadians take issue with the fact that Islamophobia is not clearly defined and, at this point, covers all insults or offenses against Muslims. Under the new motion, being critical of Islam in any way could lead to criminal charges.

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Turkey Pushes Referendum Vote Using German Right to Free Speech

The campaigning has put German officials in an odd situation. President Erdogan has drawn harsh criticism after the failed coup in July 2016 for jailing and threatening to jail his most outspoken opponents. A Free Speech denier, his government ironically is using the Free Speech guarantees of Germany to push their agenda. But Germany’s dedication to Free Speech guarantees the right to say whatever you want, wherever you want. Still, German officials are now wondering whether that right extends to those pushing an anti-Free Speech agenda.

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